Bears of Kodiak Series

Bears of Kondiak Series, Complete

Three Brothers. One mating ritual. Equals one wild, sexy night...

Book One
Chance Hawthorne only knew one thing in life...mating wasn't for him. He might be forced to endure the bloody ritual, but that didn't mean he had any plans to settle down and make cubs.

Until the day he meets Bronwyn Crow and all bets are off. He wants more than just her body for one night of fun, he plans to make the woman his future, the only problem now is convincing her that she wants him too...

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Book Two

Reckless. Wild. Callous. All words that could easily describe the eldest Hawthorne brother, Phoenix.

Ever since the fated morning he'd been tricked by an undine into stumbling unwanted into an ancient dragon ceremony he knew he'd screwed up bad. He'd looked into the eyes of a dragonborne and without knowing it then, tethered her heart to his forever.

Madison Draconian is one pissed off dragon. From the day of her hatching she's been bound to Phoenix, but the idiotic, surly grizzly seems to think that if he flirts with other woman she'll be forced to accept that fate doesn't control them. Thing of it is, Madison could care less about fate. She wants that bear because he's hers. Period. And this is one dragon who'll stop at nothing to get her man... 


Book Three
August Hawthorne was a strictly by the book kind of a shifter. Steadfast, serious, and knowing exactly where his life was headed. Until the day Jackson Rose stumbled into his bar looking for a job.

The sexy siren soon turns his world upside down and makes him question everything he ever thought he knew, like maybe for the first time breaking his own rules and choosing who to be with rather than let instinct control him any longer.
He’s got one year to decide, or he risks losing everything he never knew he wanted and cannot live without…

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