Excerpt from Whiskey, Vamps, and Thieves

Welcome to an Exciting New World 

of Vampires, Shifters, and one sassy Southern Belle...

Book One

The wheels on the bus go round and round…

The strains of the children’s song played through the night, the words eerie and breaking me out in gooseflesh when confronted by the grisly deaths before me. A silver SUV was flipped on its side, the passenger door ripped off its hinges. A woman was still strapped into her seat belt. Red, curly hair once must have fallen in soft waves around her slender shoulders, but right then it was matted with dried blood. Her pale skin was bluish and starkly veined as the last of her life’s blood leaked from the giant gaping wound in her chest.

Her heart had been ripped out.

The driver beside her, a male, probably in his late thirties, looked pretty much the same. But they weren’t the worst. 

In the backseat were two car seats with very tiny and forever silent passengers behind them. 

I swallowed hard. 

Around me, CSI marched like yellow-slickered ants, gathering up whatever crime scene evidence they could find. They’d had to set up portable light equipment at intervals to help them see. Since it was well past the witching hour, there was little out around those wooded roads at this time of night.

I could see fine, and I could smell even better. So much blood had been spilled tonight that the scene was making it hard for me to stay put. But I’d been called here for a reason—because of what I could see when I touched a finger to something on or near the dead. 

I shuddered, staring at the cooling corpses as an awful sense of déjà vu swept over me. It’d been several years since I’d come out to a scene like this... 

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