Teaser for Me and You and a Ghost Named Boo


Book Two

“You know I hate it when you leave.” I pouted at James who held my hands in his. His thumbs brushed slowly across my knuckles.

The sky above us was a soft shade of dusk. Somewhere between navy and violet. The sun had weakened to the point of nonexistence, but still I squirmed on my heels. I wasn’t really a fan of sunlight, probably had something to do with the whole being a vampire thing.

“Scar,” James said my name with a touch of exasperation and fondness to it. “Don’t do this, lass. We talked about this last night. I’ll be back.”

“Yeah, possibly in twenty years. Maybe never,” I grumped and crossed my arms.

Life had finally been settling back down to something close to normal. It’d been three months since Sharp Elbows had tried to kill me, and two since Mercer had been wrongfully imprisoned for a murder he’d not committed.

During much of that time James—now having resworn his fealty to Clarence, Silver Creek’s Alpha, and the Wolf Pack—had been mostly absent. That was the life of one of the Alpha’s royal guards; they were basically what the Secret Service was to the President. If Clarence told them to jump, they had no choice but to say “How high, furry master?”

In some ways I understood it, maybe even felt a touch of relief about it if I was totally honest with myself. But I didn’t like it either.

He shook his head as his jaw popped from side to side. “Ye ken the why of it, Scar.”

Yeah, I knew why. Cuz Clarence was in deep dog doo with The Alpha council, not to mention there was still that not so insignificant matter of possibly being an Oathbreaker to deal with. James might work for Clarence, but everyone here knew he was the Alpha’s eyes and ears for the time being, which meant the already testy wolves were even more hormonal and pissy than normal.

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  1. Loved the first book, read it twice and recommended it to all of my friend. Eagerly awaiting the release of Reckless!

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