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(NOTE: The world of Kingdom is transferring into the hands of Jovee Winters.
Marie Hall will put out the final book in the Dark Princess saga: A Pirate's Dream and then that pen name will retire.
Thank you fans for making her career so amazing!
This newsletter will now be for the works of Selene Charles (Urban Fantasy Romance),
RS Black (Red Rain, book 4 Night Series), and Summer Evans (Contemporary Romance).

I hate spam. So I won't do it. Nope. Never. Not ever. This newsletter is strictly for new release information and the occasional contest I run just for signing up. That is it! I'm curious to see which series of mine you're following, please be aware that doesn't mean you'll only receive newsletters for that series, like I said above you'll get a newsletter for all my releases. I use the information for my own personal records, just to understand which series is most popular, and so I know which books to work on next. Basically, you have a voice and are instrumental in helping me to decide a future publication schedule.

You can unfollow me at any time and I promise I won't cry. Not too loud anyway. Although it might be a little embarrassing because my nose tends to get brighter than a reindeer's.

Welcome aboard lovers of Kingdom, Night, Tempted, Chaos Time, and Moments fans, a world of fun awaits you... 
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